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Neither Country would be great if someone call his country great. It has to build up great. This society, this country is ours’. We "Evolution Foundation (REF INDIA)" are just only a medium. We have only taken an attempt. We walked ninety yards, you only have to walk ten yards. And then our attempt and objects’ will get success. At present which tree – you have planted surely it will give you result. And the result will enjoy by your family. If you want to give gift – to your family a better future….., so you should take an attempt. It is your responsibility and duty. Mind it, the country and society is grew up for human being. But human being did not create for society and country. You are living in the beautiful earth and you will and your next generation will live also. At least you should take a stem for build up our country with Honesty, Peace, Love and Unity, just like heaven for them. At least they can’t compare our beautiful world with hell. So, social work is not to work for others without remuneration, Social work is Self work. Your thought, mentality, work is more than valuable for society, country and besides your family. Raise your hand for the Evolution and Sustainable Development.

With Best Regards

Administrator, REF INDIA